Patio & Shade Structures in SAN TAN VALLEY AZ

Patio and shade structures are available in a great many kinds of styles and designs, so it is quite easy to find one which will perfectly match your backyard. A nice shade structure can have many benefits. The most common reason for a shade structure is to protect you against the elements such as the sun, rain, or snow. They are also very useful for keeping dust at bay. Not to mention they add to your usable outdoor space, for relaxing, dining, or just something visually nice to look at!

*When considering an outdoor shade structure, ask yourself:

What aesthetic appeal am I going for and is it going to be functional for my needs.



The most popular residential shade structure is the pergola. A pergola is an outdoor garden feature forming a shaded area which can be free standing or attached to a home. Pergolas generally have a lattice roof to provide partial shade. Keep in mind if you are looking for something with a little more shade there are options available, such as retractable shades that can be added. 


Here at Amberstone we prefer to use the Alumawood pergola made out of Aluminum, which gives off the appearance of real wood but with less maintenance and will last significantly longer. The slotted roof of a pergola is perfect to allow plants and vines to climb and intertwine on to create an even more beautiful effect.


Arbors are similar in appearance to pergolas but much smaller. You can think of a Pergola as more of an outdoor living space, whereas an Arbor is more of an outside doorway or entry way through a gate or into a garden. Arbors are also great for letting plants and vines climb on for an extra visually nice feature.



Gazebos and Ramadas are both great if you are looking for a solid roof to provide full shade and to protect yourself and your appliances from the elements. Both are free standing and have an open garden structure.

Gazebos are generally in the shape of a hexagon, octagon or circle while a ramada has a rectangular or square roof. Both options add a high-end element to any outdoor space. If you are planning on having an outdoor kitchen either a ramada or gazebo would be your best bet to keep your appliances from getting damaged.

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