SAn Tan Valley Artificial grass installation

Brighten up your San Tan Valley yard with some green from Amberstone Hardscaping Design! Both Sod and Turf have the ability to bring life to any San Tan Valley area yard, both with their own benefits!

Sod actually has the ability to keep your yard cooler by offsetting roughly 50% of solar heat through cooling evaporation. The surface air temperatures over sod can stay 10° to 14° Fahrenheit cooler than other options such as pavers or concrete and as a result, it directly impacts the cooling needs of surrounding homes (Here in Phoenix, AZ we will take all the cool we can get!)

Artificial turf has become increasingly common in the past few years. Artificial turf is utilized in place of natural grass environments, as they are more uniform, durable, and require less maintenance. Artificial Grass not only looks and feels like real grass but it stays looking and feeling nice all year round. Having Artificial Grass also saves on the water bill you would have with real grass. 


With Artificial Grass you can have a dog and still maintain a beautiful yard. There are no harmful pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides, and fungicides needed, also it provides easy clean-up because liquids quickly drain through and solids are easily lifted and hosed away. There will be less dirt for the dog or children to track inside also dogs do not have the desire to dig in it.

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Artificial Grass Intallation
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