SAn Tan Valley Artificial grass installation

Brighten up your San Tan Valley yard with some green from Amberstone Hardscaping Design! Both Sod and Turf have the ability to bring life to any San Tan Valley area yard, both with their own benefits!

Sod actually has the ability to keep your yard cooler by offsetting roughly 50% of solar heat through cooling evaporation. The surface air temperatures over sod can stay 10° to 14° Fahrenheit cooler than other options such as pavers or concrete and as a result, it directly impacts the cooling needs of surrounding homes (Here in Phoenix, AZ we will take all the cool we can get!)

Artificial turf has become increasingly common in the past few years. Artificial turf is utilized in place of natural grass environments, as they are more uniform, durable, and require less maintenance. Artificial Grass not only looks and feels like real grass but it stays looking and feeling nice all year round. Having Artificial Grass also saves on the water bill you would have with real grass. 


With Artificial Grass you can have a dog and still maintain a beautiful yard. There are no harmful pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides, and fungicides needed, also it provides easy clean-up because liquids quickly drain through and solids are easily lifted and hosed away. There will be less dirt for the dog or children to track inside also dogs do not have the desire to dig in it.

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Artificial Grass Intallation

Artificial Grass Will Save You Money in Arizona

If you want to save money in Arizona, one of the best ways you can do it is by enhancing your landscaping via artificial grass. Artificial grass in your home’s exterior not only looks great but enhances your homes curb appeal. But that’s not all – you can also save thousands on water and maintenance every year. 

San Tan Valley is often considered to be in drought, which drives up the cost of water and can also lead to restrictions on water use. Instead of suffering through the expense of overpriced water, you can get out ahead of these costs by switching from natural grass to artificial grass as soon as possible.

Whenever you water your lawn, every part of the lawn should be covered by anywhere from one inch to 1.5 inches of water. That works out to hundreds of feet of water for the average lawn in a year. And, of course, a lawn here in the San Tan Valley often requires more water than average to keep grass from getting parched.


You’ll never have to water or cut your artificial grass. Maintenance is just as easy as hosing it off “every once in a while” – when you see it needs freshening up, not on any particular schedule. That cuts your water use in half or even less, and it also means you will save hours that you would otherwise spend out in the heat.


And, of course, artificial grass is beautiful – not just practical. There’s no way of telling at a glance that artificial grass is any different from the real thing. Artificial grass always looks just as good as the way it was installed. If artificial grass installation in San Tan Valley is done right, all of the grass will be at a uniform height, too.


All About Artificial Grass Installation in San Tan Valley

If you want to install artificial grass in San Tan Valley, it’s always best to use the help of a professional. For the best artificial grass installation, the whole area needs to be prepared. That means removing all of the existing grass, roots, mulch, and whatever else might already be down there. That alone takes hours.


After that, your professional artificial grass installation in San Tan Valley progresses to the installation of a weed barrier and then the aggregate. The aggregate is made of natural materials such as gravel and crushed stone. It helps ensure that the artificial grass blades feel springy and secure underfoot.


Once the aggregate is laid, a high quality artificial grass installation in San Tan Valley moves on to laying down the artificial grass and securing it with adhesive. If multiple rolls of artificial grass are used, as with any larger lawn, then they need to be secured so they lay seamlessly on the base without letting moisture infiltrate.


At this stage, your artificial grass installation is nearly complete. Next comes the infill, natural material that will weigh down the artificial grass. Not only is it important to have the right type of infill, but also to be sure that it gets laid down correctly. This enables the artificial grass blades to stay up and provide a natural look and feel.


It’s never too early to enjoy all the benefits that artificial grass has to offer. Amberstone Hardscaping Design makes it easy. We do all the work for you and you can stay out of the heat. Your San Tan Valley artificial grass installation can be done in as little as one day. Contact us to learn more.

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